Camp 2020 Covid-19 Update

Summer Madness is going online for 2020

July 2020 update:

Although we are saddend that other Suffolk Christian Camps are being cancelled, we are excited that for one year only, Summer Madness is going online! 

Check our for all the info!

May 2020 Update:

It is with a heavy heart but a clear conscience that we have to announce that we are taking the tough decision to cancel all weeks of Suffolk Christian Camps 2020.

We have come to this conclusion after taking on board the PMs roadmap and announcements to date. Although some restrictions may be lifted by the time camps come around, we do not feel adequately satisfied that the risks of viral transfer can be mitigated within the close quarter living that takes place at Camp.

We fully recognise the disappointment this will bring to our guests who have booked in, as it does to our teams, the committee and our trustees. In the years that Suffolk Christian Camps has been running we have never had to cancel a summer, and I pray that this will be the only time we ever have to do so.

We have put together three options for those of you who have booked in to Camp 2020 – please note all options require your action.

         Option 1: Your booking for 2020 can be carried across to 2021, assuming you are eligible for the same camp. If in 2021 you are no longer eligible for Junior Camp you will need to choose between option 2 and 3 and rebook in 2021 for Summer Madness should you wish to. If in 2021 you would be too old for Summer Madness, I’m sorry to say we will not be able to extend the age bracket and therefore you need to choose between option 2 and 3.

         Option 2: You could choose to support the ongoing work of Suffolk Christian camps by donating your deposit to us. Should you wish to re-book in 2021, a new deposit would be required. The secretary will supply you with a Gift Aid form as we are able to claim a percentage back from the government if you pay sufficient income tax. 

         Option 3: You can request a full or partial refund of all monies paid. All refunds will be processed on a first come first served basis. Our wonderful secretary is expected to be very busy at this time so please be patient – If you have requested a refund this will be processed in due course in the form of a cheque and mailed to your postal address. Refunds will only be made payable to the person who paid the deposit and posted to your contact address on the application form. If you request a partial refund and desire the remainder to be a gift to Suffolk Christian Camps, please contact the secretary for a Gift Aid form as we are able to claim a percentage back from the government if you pay sufficient income tax. 

Rachael Wallace, our wonderful secretary will be in touch with everyone who has booked in to Camp 2020. Please do not contact her untill she has been in touch with you – we promise we will be in touch as soon practically possible.

Camp wouldn’t be able to happen withour our partners Sizewell Hall ltd. Here at Suffolk Christian Camps we are lucky to have minimal running costs and will only be mildly affected financially by this decision. Sizewell Hall ltd have much larger fixed overheads and so I would encourage you, if you are able, to also consider supporting them. You can find more information about how to support them on their fundraising page here.

Should you have any questions that aren’t answered above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can get in touch with me directly at or contact the trustees at

Thank you bearing with is in these unprecedented times. Suffolk Christian Camps will be back with a packed summer in 2021

God Bless, stay safe and well,

Henry Matter

Chair of the Trustees