Family Camp

What is it?

Each year we run two Family Camps, each a week long.
Family camp is a holiday with a difference. It provides:

  • Bible Teaching and Worship
  • Free time
  • Good food
  • Opportunities for playing sport

The camp programme includes a daily Family Time which all are encouraged to attend. In addition, there are groups for children, teens and adults.

On Sunday there are activities organized throughout the day. During the daytime, Monday to Friday, there will be free time to explore places in the area or to enjoy the facilities of the site, including the beach.

Breakfast and cooked evening meals are provided. Breads and spreads available for midday meals, or picnics.

Young and old, single or married are welcome.

You can either hire one of our large family ridge tents or you can bring your own tent or caravan for a site fee. Dogs are not allowed on site.

Who are the leaders?

Shaun & Livi Almond

Family Camp Week 1 Leaders

Shaun and Livi Almond recently settled in the UK feeling called to work with the youth in the Colne Valley area.

Livi, being a Suffolk native, grew up attending camps and conferences at Sizewell Hall and relishes this opportunity to help run the family camps as she has so many fond memories of them from her childhood. Shaun, on the other had, having grown up in California, will be experiencing the family camps for his first time but is no stranger to Sizewell as he has attended and helped coordinate events at Sizewell on visits from the states over the last 3 years.

They have two young children together in Kaleia, 9 and Hezekia,7 that are excited to be involved as well. “We are so excited and looking forward to fun family times and making memories that will last forever with you! We can’t wait to begin,” Livi Almond.

Andy and Rachel Mugford

Family Camp Week 2 Leaders

Andy & Rachel have 4 children: Abigail, Hannah, Lydia and Nathan. They are on the Evangelist Trainee Programme with Counties UK, Andrew having been teaching in secondary schools for over 20 years. They are part of the leadership team at Fullbridge Church in Maldon. They have been involved for a number of years in the Scripture Union Beach Mission a little further up the coast at Southwold. The relaxed family atmosphere and fantastic setting of Sizewell attracted them to move down the coast to become involved in Family Camp 2.

Tony and Ruth Hood

Family Camp Week 2 Leaders

Ruth and Tony have 3 children; Kate, Alice and Ben.
Ruth and Tony have a passion to share the good news and truth of Jesus. They do this through their work in the schools where they introduce Jesus to the children and then follow that up with the Holiday Clubs and youth event in the local churches. They also have invitations from churches to run the children’s sessions at church weekends away Tony is an Elder in the local church, High Street Chapel, Hopton, who support us in their outreach work as they seek to follow up the schools program they have working with the children and, just as importantly, with their parents.
They like all sorts of outdoor sports and activities like walking, hiking and rock climbing, in fact anything that delivers a challenge.