Summer Madness

What is it?

Summer Madness is a camp for 15 to 19 year olds to enjoy themselves, be with friends and learn about God.

Each year about 70 young people spend a week enjoying the sun, chill in a cafe, enjoying wonderful food, making films, taking photos, going on trips, getting all creative, making music, building friendships, relaxing, bouncing on inflatables, going for walks, having bonfires, hunting fancy dress clad leaders, watching sunrises, chatting about everything, watching movies, dressing up smart, having random quizzes… just about everything that makes summers fantastic. It’s great fun!

Who are the leaders?

Rachel Harris

Summer Madness Camp Leader

Hello, my names Rachel and I’m a 24-year-old working in public relations. I have many passions in life, but my true loves are God, good coffee and any opportunity to be creative.

I’ve attended Suffolk Christian Camps for as long as I can remember, forming my closest friendships there and even meeting my husband at Junior camp (no it wasn’t quite a cromance… but it was pretty close).

My faith and Summer Madness are pretty intertwined, with my faith becoming solidified whilst attending as a teen. My love for Jesus has always played a huge role in my life, pushing me to be brave, to make wise decisions and always find the fun side of life.

Sam Fenning

Summer Madness Camp Leader

My name is Sam Fenning and I’m 25. I’ve attended both junior camp and Summer Madness growing up in one way or another, from a toddler wandering around, to being a camper and even being a leader at them as well.

I love working with young people and do so at the Forge Debenham with the youth group there, 242.

I love anything and everything do with sport, although mainly football, golf, cricket and american football. I particularly enjoy playing football with Sporting 87 in Bury and cricket with Earl Stonham CC.