MEET THE committee

Phil Sparkes


(Pictured with his wife, Jan) I have been involved with Suffolk Christian Camps since 1988 when my wife, Jan, and I took over from Paul & Carol Golding to run the boys’ camp. The camps were reorganised in 1990 into the format we now have, and Jan & I then led the Junior Camp until Andy & Amanda Kirk took over from us in 2002, and I subsequently became chairman.

I worked for BT (and then Openreach) since I left school in 1970, carrying out various tasks, including maintenance of telephone systems, and surveying and planning in the local telephone network. I retired in 2013, and now enjoy an active retirement.
Jan and I run The Marriage Course once a year at West Road Church in Bury St Edmunds, where I am also one of the elders. We also enjoy walking and playing tennis together, and play most Saturday mornings at around 8am (if we can drag ourselves out of bed!) for about an hour.

It has been so encouraging to see the way people of all ages have not only enjoyed their stay on the campsite, but also to learn how both youngsters and adults have had their lives revitalised by The Living God. I count it a privilege to be part of this camp, where God still changes lives for the better.


Rachael Wallace

Camp Secretary

If you have a question, or want to make a booking, then Rachael is the person to contact!

I am married to Mark and have one son Nathan who is a teenager.
I attend the Forge at Thurston and am involved on the hospitality team and with kid's church. As well as secretary I head up the cooking team week 1 of junior camp. I enjoy many crafts as my hobbies


Adrian Blofield

Committee Member

My name is Adrian Blofield but lots of people call me Blo. I live in Bury and I have two daughters Amy and Hannah. My job is a pest control technician. I have been involved with camp for 30 odd years. I am a worker week 2 and am always given lots of jobs to do. My Church is Bradfield Gospel Hall where I run the mid-week Children’s meeting which I have done for a number of years. I enjoy walking and cycling in my free time.

Martin Cotterill

Committee Member

Martin has been attending family camp for 19 years and with wife Clare been helping to run Family Camp behind Andy & Miriam Jelfs for about 12 years, many of those also on the Camps Committee.
I know it is 19 years because Clare persuaded me against my better judgement (what do I know) to come Camping at Sizewell when Simone our eldest daughter was only 7 months old.  People told us we were mad bringing a baby to family camp but it has become common-place. Charlie our son came when only 3 months old - possibly a record?  Both bathed in (the old) kitchen sink!  Both have gone on to Junior Camp and Summer Madness with Simone helping also.
Clare and I have greatly enjoyed helping Andy & Miriam and are handing on this role with mixed emotions.
Sizewell Camps are a very special time in our year, in a very inspiring & refreshing place - camping next to heaven?  The feeling of being in the right place still hits me every year when I go through the wall-gate and see the sea horizon from the top of the cliff.  What a picture God paints.
Martin has been a member at Greenfinch Church, Ipswich for over 25 years.

James Golding

Committee Member

Hi! I am the the son of Paul and Carol Golding who used to run boys camp before Phil and Jan.I have been part of Suffolk Christian Camps from birth! I have been at camp every year since I was born from leaders son to camper at boys camp and onto tent leader and then to helper on setup and take down days and now onto the camp committee! You could say it’s in my blood!
I live locally and along with my wife and 3 children attend Connections Church in Saxmundham. My Dad and Mum both attended camp as did my sister and I and now also all 3 of our children are enjoying “camp” as we all did! Generations having fun, making friends and listening to what God has to say!! Life changing experience? For so many over the years it’s definitely a yes!

Henry Matter

Committee Member

I'm an Estimator for a Bespoke Cupboard Makers and a photographer and mixed media artist.
I have been attending Suffolk Christian Camps in one form or another, since I was 8 years old, and have always loved it.
I was baptised during Summer Madness a few years ago, and continue to help at summer madness.

Jan Sparkes

Committee Member

(Pictured with Husband, Phil) I married Phil in 1974 and we have 2 sons (both married) and 6 grandchildren.
Camp has been a big part of my life since my teens. I never went as a camper, but helped cook since before camp moved to its present site in the grounds of Sizewell Hall in the mid 1970’s.
I cooked at the girls’ camp until 1988, when Phil & I took over running the boys’ camp, and subsequently the Junior mixed camp for 2 weeks each year until 2001.
I trained as a school meals cook, and was appointed as head cook at Thurston Upper School (catering for 600 students) when I was 21.
I enjoy playing tennis, walking, sewing and going to keep fit classes.
Looking after the grandchildren and cooking at church weekends in Sizewell Hall keep me busy!

Becky  Miles

Committee Member

I live in Bury St Edmunds and teach in a middle school in Stowmarket. In my free time I like going to the cinema, playing squash and eating out with friends.
I've been involved in Suffolk Christian Camps since I was 10 when I first attended Junior camp as a camper. It's amazing seeing how God continues to use Sizewell as a place to refresh the faith of the young people.

Tim Warnock

Committee Member

Tim lives in Stowmarket and attends The Forge Church in Thurston.  He is involved with the youth work at The Forge and has been involved at Junior Camp for some time.Tim was also involved with the work that took place building the new barn.

Rob Aldred

Committee Member

Rob and his wife, Lesley (pictured), make up half of the management team at Sizewell Hall.